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Communication & Negotiation Skills 沟通和谈判技巧

18 Mar 2021 - 19 Mar 2021
  • Member Price: RMB 5,300
  • Standard Price: RMB 6,000
  • In-person event


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Event details

目标与内容 Objectives and Content

Communication and negotiation skills are vital and the key success factors to all kind of business nowadays. The program trainer will lead the participants to understand their own and others interpersonal style by applying the most updated tools. Participants will learn to improve the relation with co-workers, customers, friends and family members so as to achieving success in all kind of negotiation situations. Trainer will make use of actual business cases sharing, role play, to let participants be involved and experience the latest communication skills and negotiation process from a different angle.


参加对象 Target Group 

Suitable for those who want to improve their communication skills and enhance negotiation skills, in order to achieve performance excellent in career path.


大纲 Outline 

  • Positive attitude and relationship-building strategy
  • Assess individual profile and communicate with people with different styles
  • Characteristics of positive communication and how to communicate assertively
  • How to listen, ask question and give quality feedback in order to build understanding and acceptance
  • Causes of conflicts and strategies and process for resolving conflicts
  • What is negotiation and understand the negotiation process
  • Effective preparation for negotiation
  • Making and getting meaningful concessions
  • Breaking negotiation deadlocks
  • 建立正面态度及人际关系的策略
  • 评估个人的人际风格及与不同风格的人沟通
  • 正面沟通的特点及何谓决断的沟通
  • 如何通过聆听、发问及回蚀技巧去
  • 建立谅解和接纳
  • 冲突的成因、化解冲突的策略和流程
  • 认识什麽是谈判和谈判流程
  • 有效地计划及准备你的谈判
  • 在谈判过程中让步的决策
  • 如何解除谈判的各种障碍


Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch.

包 括 会 务 费, 资 料 费, 午 餐 费。

Participants can send their questions in advance using the registration form.

In case of cancellation, please kindly note you must email the BritCham Shanghai Event staff before 6 pm, 1st March 2021. Due to the service charges of Event Bank and online payment platforms, we can only partially refund up to 90% of your ticket price and payment will be processed within 14 days after the event via your original payment method. However, it is non-refundable for cancellation request made beyond the above mentioned timeframe.

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Alan Lee





German Chamber Shanghai


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