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High-quality Slide Design and Presentation [One-day Training in Chinese]

23 Jul 2021 09:00 - 17:00
  • Member Price: RMB 2,500 (Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch.)
  • Standard Price: RMB 3,500 (Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch.)
  • In-person event

This course content is based on the structure design, content selection, and presentation skills that are often required in our daily workplace. The concept of slide design and presentation techniques are practiced through numerous valuable case studies.

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Starting from the demand, analyse the ‘life cycle’ of business slides

● Analyse the application scenarios and presentation preferences of business presentation slides

● What are the narrators and the audience expecting from the slides

• “Redefine the “good-looking” slides

• Reconstruct simple and aesthetic slides

• Case study: application analysis of auxiliary narrative slides



Analysis of the logic and structure of building slide content

● Application of “Golden Tower Principle” in the Process of Presentation and Slide Structure Building

● Structure construction-application method of note paper

● Structure Construction —— Application of Mind Mapping

● Brainstorming in the process of structure building



Analysis of the design and production process of the slide show

● Mastering design principles with exercises

• Practice deduction: determine the interpretation and presentation-oriented analysis of the production process

• Practice deduction: “Do the same thing together”

• Practice deduction: “content before format”

● Design of slide document and page structure

• Make the page structure more closely match the document structure

• The application of SMART ART in the process of page structure design and production

• Picture and text mixed arrangement setting in page structure design

• Setup and customization of slide layout

• Slide master application specification

• Saving and calling the overall style of slides



Apply animation to achieve 100% “control” of the presentation and audience’s attention.

● Design your animation presentation based on content logic and presentation process

● Realize the sequence control of single-element multi-animation and multi-element multi-animation settings

● Integration to achieve the most efficient and high-quality demonstration



PPT Demonstration and Formats

● Play your slides more freely during the slide show

● Different applications of speech assistant and presentation slide show


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Fee includes lectures, course materials and lunch.

包 括 会 务 费, 资 料 费, 午 餐 费。

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The speaker

微软认证技术专家;长期从事企业级 Office 培训
具有丰富的企业级IT 技术及高效办公系列课程培训经验。


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