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Tiny Habits – The Science of Behaviour Change

21 Jul 2021 18:30 - 20:00
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In this online session, we will look at how to build new habits and break old habits using the Tiny Habits methodology by BJ Fogg.

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Productivity comes from the ability to manage our own behaviour. Building good habits, managing our time and energy, and overcoming procrastination all depend on our ability to manage our own behaviour.

In this online session, we will look at how to build new habits and break old habits using the Tiny Habits methodology by BJ Fogg. BJ Fogg is a Behaviour Scientist from Stanford University who has taught Behaviour Science to some of Silicon Valley’s most famous entrepreneurs, including the co-founder of Instagram. Jamie Dixon is a certified Tiny Habits coach.

Jamie’s Training Philosophy:

People forget things, so if we depend on people remembering things from training then the training is doomed to failure. Consequently, Jamie believes that we should design training around people using things as opposed to remembering things. So, he designs his training around tools like checklists, templates, forms and so on. That way, instead of having to remember things after the training, all people need to do is use the tools and then they’ll be applying their learning directly back to the workplace.

But just because we design a tool, that doesn’t mean people will use it. So, Jamie takes lessons from the field of user experience design to simplify his tools, make them fit better into the working environment, and help solve problems that learners want to solve. His goal is always to design practical tools that learners will actually use back at work.

Jamie then uses his Five Elements of Training to help learners master the tools in training. His Five Elements include Priming to get people ready to learn, Guiding to help people use the tools, Practicing to help people try the tools, Reflecting to help people master the tools, and Committing to help people use the tools back at work.

Join us online on Wednesday, 21 July at 4:00 pm (China time).

Key takeaways

  • Build and manage effective habits
  • The keys to sustaining effective behaviour change


This webinar will be conducted via ZOOM. You will receive an email with a ZOOM meeting ID and password around 3:00 pm, 21 July. Please ensure your email address is valid, and please make sure to check your junk box as well.

In case of cancellation, please kindly note you must email the BritCham Shanghai Event staff before 6 pm, 16 July. Due to the service charges of Glueup and online payment platforms, we can only partially refund up to 90% of your ticket price and payment will be processed within 14 days after the event via your original payment method. However, it is non-refundable for cancellation request made beyond the above-mentioned timeframe.

The speaker

Jamie Dixon
Leadership Coach, Trainer and Author


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