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BritCham Shanghai celebrates a significant milestone with the official opening of its Zhejiang Office

16 May 2024

On 14 May, The British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (BritCham Shanghai) held the grand opening ceremony for its Zhejiang office at Hangzhou International Talents Entrepreneurship Innovation Park (HITEIP) in Gongshu, Hangzhou.

This momentous occasion hallmarked the official establishment of our new office in the wider East China region, a significant milestone in the Chamber’s over a century-long history.

The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of Matthew Burney, CMG, British Consul General in Shanghai, Joshua Howey, Head of East China Outreach in British Consulate-General Shanghai, Kirsten Johnston, Chair of BritCham Shanghai, Stuart Dunn, Executive    Director of BritCham Shanghai, and leaders of Zhejiang and Gongshu Government. Over 80 representatives from government bureaus, foreign and local Chinese businesses and media organisations also attended the ceremony.

The establishment of the Zhejiang Office opens a new era to enhance the enduring partnership between the UK and Zhejiang. It serves as a gateway for British businesses to tap into the vibrant Zhejiang market and facilitates the global expansion endeavors of Chinese enterprises in East China.

Matthew Burney, CMG, British Consul General in Shanghai, highlighted in his opening remark: “I’m sure that the Chamber’s members – both new and old – will agree that we can take all of this proactive engagement from Zhejiang as a good sign. That Zhejiang’s uniquely dynamic, diverse, and innovative ecosystem is unwavering, and that there is so much more potential to unlock in this great province. Brit Cham’s new Zhejiang office, of course, reflects this potential perfectly.” 

“In the future, the Zhejiang Office will empower Chinese enterprises with critical insights into both global and local market trends, emerging policy reforms, and other necessary tools for informed decision-making,” said Stuart Dunn, Executive Director of BritCham Shanghai.

During the ceremony, the Chamber awarded membership certificates to the first batch of nine Associate Member companies. Underpinning the Chamber’s three pillars – AdvocacyKnowledge, and Community, The Associate Membership service, introduced in April 2024, is tailored to cater specifically to Chinese businesses seeking global investment opportunities or overseas ventures collectively with the dynamic British business community to exchange insights into global and local trends, knowledge, and policy reforms. 

At the same time, the Zhejiang Office is gearing up our brand-new ‘Outbound Business Investment’ event series to shed light on the pathways to international expansion through engaging keynotes and case studies. With the joint efforts of Chinese organisations and companies based in the UK, these events will offer attendees firsthand insights and practical experience of the UK and international markets. 

Activities coinciding on the same day of the Opening Ceremony included: Two industry roundtables, one for the financial services sector and one for the education sector. Both sessions brought fruitful discussions among attendees of government, UK businesses, and Chinese enterprises. The Finance Roundtable delved into topics such as Green Finance and support mechanisms for Chinese companies venturing into overseas markets. Education representatives discussed the challenges schools are currently facing. They all agreed that further inter-school activities such as STEM, sports, and arts competitions would be a rewarding way to nurture diverse skills and interests and increase understanding between learners from different backgrounds.

post-ceremony after-party was hosted at the PwC Gongshu Office. This delightful social mixer provided guests with the opportunity to connect, network, and celebrate the opening in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Heartfelt thanks to all the guests who joined us on this grand occasion. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you all together.

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