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News Article

BritCham Shanghai hosts a panel on HR Digitalisation

18 Dec 2023

On the afternoon of 7 December, BritCham Shanghai HR Committee hosted a Transforming HR event at the Chamber Office.

The gathering commenced with a warm welcome from Fabrizio Ulivi, Managing Partner of Shi Bisset & Associates, and a member of the BritCham Shanghai HR Committee, who extended his greetings to all the attendees.

Yury Karp, Global Account Director of BIPO, initiated the event with a presentation on HR digitalisation. The presentation covered four main points: First, the rationale is to leverage technology and data for an efficient, productive, data-driven, and employee-focused business. Secondly, it outlined a roadmap for HR digitalisation, encompassing process assessment, clear objective setting, technology selection, data security prioritisation, change management implementation, and ongoing measurement. Thirdly, it identified key areas to start the digitalisation process, including onboarding, ESS (employee self-service) portals, ATS (applicant tracking system) and recruitment, HR chatbots, training, learning, and development, payroll, HCM and HR systems, and HR analytics. Lastly, client insights emphasised the significance of digitalisation and organisational transformation for SMEs, the priority of reliable multi-country workforce management solutions for larger companies, and the continual need to keep a human touch in HR despite technological investments, emphasising the role of effective communication and leadership in technology utilisation.

The following panel discussion was moderated by Madge Xue, HR Director of Reckitt and a member of the BritCham Shanghai HR Committee. The panel included Xu Gang, Director of Human Resources Operations of an MNC and the author of the bestseller “Action Guide to Digital Transformation of Human Resources,” Martin Zhou, Managing Associate of Linklaters Zhao Sheng, and Yury Karp, Global Account Director of BIPO.

The panel discussed the strategic persuasion of businesses to invest in HR, centred on the tangible value derived from these investments. Approaching the topic from a business standpoint, including the internal utilisation of chatbots, was highlighted as a digital solution to streamline workloads and meet specific business requirements. AI applications in talent acquisition, including AI interviews, screening processes, and employee performance assessments, were discussed. The evolving landscape of HR technology was explored, particularly concerning legal aspects such as data privacy, data protection, and the regulation of AI, addressing unique concerns like the safety of company information and copyright considerations. The discussion extended to critical areas like cybersecurity and employee retention. Ethical considerations of AI, including biases and potential downsides, were emphasised, emphasising the necessity for establishing rules, governance, and supervision in AI usage. The dialogue concluded by delving into the balance between the benefits of AI as a tool and the necessity for human oversight to manage associated risks, discussing the centralisation of decision-making, the risks of digital methods for employee termination, and the shifting role of HR towards strategic involvement in business understanding, with a call for HR to be repositioned as a crucial support function for other departments in the digital age.

This event enabled vibrant discussions among panellists from diverse backgrounds and engaged audiences. The panellists also shared a selection of recommended readings and podcasts with the audience.

Among the esteemed attendees were representatives from prominent organisations such as Santa Fe Relocation, Talent Fishers, Asian Tigers K. C. Dat (China) Ltd., KPMG, Michael Page (Shanghai) Recruitment Co., Ltd., X-PM Partners, Nord Anglia Education, RJ Clothing, ZW HR Consulting, Accenture, AICPA&CIMA, and CCTong.

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