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News Article

BritCham Shanghai hosts an engaging event on the emerging Talent Trends in the workplace

1 Jul 2024

On the afternoon of 21 June, BritCham Shanghai’s Human Resources Committee hosted an engaging event on the emerging Talent Trends in the workplace.

The gathering commenced with a cordial introduction and welcome remarks from Ms Caribal Bao, Head of HR of Hays China and the Chair of the BritCham Shanghai Human Resources Committee.

Ms Nicole Jin, Managing Partner of PSP APAC Pte Ltd, then commenced the event with her keynote presentation on how talent practices adapt to the VUCA world. She elaborated on the impacts of AI, COVID-19, the implementation of 4-day work weeks, and the increasing focus on ESG in talent management. Specifically, she discussed how AI enhances HR prediction and analysis for performance and employee experience. Ms Jin also highlighted the benefits of the 4-day work week, already adopted in many European countries, and its relevance in the context of COVID-19, suggesting a more flexible schedule with remote working that accommodates diverse familial situations.

Ms Caribal Bao moderated the subsequent panel discussion. The panel comprised Ms Nicole Jin, Managing Partner of PSP APAC Pte Ltd; Ms Madge Xue, HR Director of Reckitt Greater China; and Mr Walter Wang, OD Director of Octave Institute.

The panel deliberated on how companies can prepare their employees for emerging trends like AI, while also addressing topics such as employee engagement, the significance of diversity and inclusion, and strategies to sustain innovation in the workplace.

The panel unanimously agreed and explored strategies to foster enthusiastic employee learning, emphasizing the effectiveness of awards such as the Learning Achievement Awards to boost morale. They highlighted that recognition and promotion of these achievements by company leaders would further motivate employee participation. In the context of AI, the panel discussed its role in enhancing communication efficiency, particularly in improving email quality, and emphasized its benefits outweigh the potential risks. They also noted AI’s capability to facilitate smarter questioning, benefiting both HR functions and employee productivity enhancements. Regarding HR trends, the panel stressed the importance of physical office presence for fostering innovation, alongside acknowledging the advantages of remote work and flexible schedules for parents. They underscored that the most effective innovation often arises from in-person collaboration and discussions, highlighting how physical layouts and environments can significantly impact innovation outcomes. Another significant focus of the discussion was on meeting employee needs through anonymous surveys and facilitating open discussions to achieve optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. The panel also addressed the importance of supporting a diverse workplace, noting that beyond traditional diversity metrics such as gender and race, employees in China value diversity in educational backgrounds and workstyles to enrich the work environment.

Lastly, the panel addressed audience questions, particularly on succession planning within companies. They discussed HR’s role in promoting training and mentoring initiatives to prepare successors for future leadership roles, ensuring seamless transitions in terms of retirement.

This event facilitated lively discussions among panelists from diverse backgrounds, actively involving the audience.

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