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News Article

British Business in China: Position Paper 2021 Launched

26 May 2021

Today, 26 May, marks the launch of the British Business in China: Position Paper 2021. The paper is BritCham’s flagship publication, amplifying the voices of British companies across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Southwest China as we raise the regulatory barriers and recommendations for market reform.

This year, our key recommendations for the Chinese government are:

  1. Enact clear, consistent, safe and practical travel processes between the UK and China
  2. Encourage the development of an attractive environment for global talent
  3. Enable the uniform implementation of beneficial market reform policies
  4. Ensure that the final iteration of cybersecurity legislation provides sufficient clarity and supports international R&D
  5. Expand pilot programmes to liberalise cross-border capital flows
  6. Establish a level playing field between private and state-owned enterprises

2021 is a pivotal year for UK-China relations. It’s also a pivotal year for addressing climate change. We’ve highlighted the key actions that British businesses are taking to limit their carbon footprints in the paper, and will continue to support our members through our China Social Impact Awards campaign and our sustainability forum.

BritCham China Chair St. John Moore was on Bloomberg Asia News on the morning of 26 May, discussing key findings and recommendations of the Position Paper 2021

Presenting to HM Trade Commissioner John Edwards and the trade policy team at the Department for International Trade

Meeting with the incoming Chinese Ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang

Presenting to MOFCOM Deputy Director General Yu Yuantang at the British Chamber office

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