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News Article

Business Roundtable and Community Mixer in Suzhou

28 Sep 2023

On Tuesday 26 September, BritCham Shanghai, in collaboration with AustCham Shanghai, organised an insightful roundtable and a lively community mixer in Suzhou. The event aimed to bring together members of both chambers to investigate the challenges and business opportunities in the Suzhou and Jiangsu Province.

Special thanks to Dulwich College Suzhou for sponsoring the venue

The event was hosted by Dulwich College Suzhou (“DCSZ”) with strong support from Simon Stewart, the Director of Admissions and Marketing, and commenced with opening remarks by Stuart Dunn, the Executive Director of BritCham Shanghai, and David Massiah, the Head of DCSZ. Their welcome set the stage for a day of fruitful discussions and networking.

During the roundtable discussion, members and partners engaged in a vibrant dialogue about Suzhou being an excellent hub for investment and business growth. However, they also acknowledged various challenges stemming from the post-COVID era. In particular, discussions in the education sector highlighted concerns about international student mobility and the limited internship opportunities available. The employment prospects for students, especially returning students, were also a topic of concern. Members expressed a keen interest in providing suggestions, such as devising strategies to integrate business programs into the educational curriculum, etc.

The discourse extended to other sectors, with a focus on constructing effective marketing campaigns in the post-COVID period to foster business partnerships. Attendees emphasized the importance of tailoring marketing efforts to meet diverse client needs and exploring innovative alternatives for service delivery.

Following the roundtable, the community mixer provided an ideal platform for participants to broaden their networks and foster collaborations. The event successfully united professionals, enabling them to explore business opportunities and strengthen connections in Suzhou and the wider Jiangsu Province.

The event was attended by a diverse group of BritCham Shanghai members and partners, including the British Consulate General Shanghai, Cukbdc, Dulwich College Suzhou, Smiths Interconnect, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Houghton Street Consulting, Jiangsu Long-standing, Octave Institute, Santa Fe Relocation, and TSK Dental.

Overall, the event was a prime occasion for knowledge exchange, collaborative brainstorming, and relationship-building, emphasizing the potential for future endeavours and partnerships in the dynamic business landscape of Suzhou.

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