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QMCS 2021 Qingdao Marine Conservation Society Annual Report

25 Apr 2022

Riding the wave, turning the tide.


This decade is crucial to halting the decline in the ocean’s health. The need for action and investments in marine-related issues has never been more urgent. In the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic, marine conservation faces various challenges that are likely to continue in the years to come.

Even so, opportunities are still opening up before us. Ambitions and commitment articulated in recent policy planning and innovative collaborations among local and international stakeholders, can greatly help amplify conservation impacts and realize transformational achievements.

For Qingdao Marine Conservation Society (hereinafter referred to as“QMCS 2021 is a year full of growth, collaboration and exploration. We hope that through this annual report, all those who support and encourage QMCS will have a better understanding of our organization and what we do. Whether you are civil servants, fellow NGO practitioners, students and researchers from the academic community or seafood lovers, you are welcome to join us in protecting our blue planet through collective efforts. We look forward to creating new chapters of marine conservation together with you.

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