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GP Strategies 2023 Career Perspectives: A Study in Paradox

5 Feb 2024


Long before the pandemic, a multitude of factors were shaping perspectives on career development. Multiple generations in the workplace influenced the disparate views of career success, informed by the shifting priorities and values of each generation.

Digital transformation reshaped the way work got done, giving rise to remote employees and the gig economy. But if these forces started to blow like the proverbial winds of change, the pandemic accelerated them into a full-blown storm, transforming workers and workplaces in its wake.

The pandemic highlighted a deeper global interconnectedness and brought personal values and priorities sharply into focus. The long-term adoption of remote and hybrid work radically changed the way employees view flexible work conditions. And employees and employers alike have become highly sensitive to issues like burnout and overall wellness.

So, what’s left in the wake of the storm? Continued turnover, skill gaps, and a very real fatigue factor. All of this comes at a time when organisations need the clouds to part and when employees and employers alike would like to feel a sense of calm after the storm.

Organisations need employees to be at their best-they need people to contribute. And employees want to be satisfied by the work they do. How can we create an environment that holds both sets of needs in balance so they can not only survive, but thrive?

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