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British Chamber of Commerce British Business in China: Sentiment Survey 2021-2022

7 Dec 2021

Find out the outlook of British businesses across the country for 2022, the voices of members across goods and services, from small businesses to large multinationals with on-the-ground operations.

The British Chambers of Commerce in China are delighted to launch the British Business in China: Sentiment Survey 2021-2022.

British businesses in China are in the midst of a fragile recovery – many companies have yet to recover to pre-pandemic revenue levels, and these challenges threaten the gains that they have made.

British Chambers of Commerce across China is calling for greater market reform, a more predictable business environment and the facilitation of UK-China travel.

Key takeaways

The Sentiment Survey presented the following observations:

  • British businesses are recovering from the economic challenges of last year: 70% of British companies expect 2021 earnings to equal or exceed that of 2020, and 52% are optimistic about their prospects for the next year.
  • COVID-19’s greatest impact continues to be centred on travel in and out of China: 64% of British businesses overall report they were able to find the talent needed to operate and grow their business in the Chinese mainland in 2021.
  • The top three challenges facing British businesses going into 2022 are: employing foreign staff, navigating cybersecurity and IT regulations, enforcement of laws and regulations.
  • Firms nevertheless see significant potential in the China market. Its technological innovations, China’s economic prospects and 30-60 climate goals are of particular interest.

We hope that you will find it an informative and engaging read. You can download the full report below.

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