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World Economic Forum Future Readiness of SMEs and Mid-Sized Companies: A Year On 2022

30 Jan 2023

How SMEs and mid-sized companies can develop strategies and pathways to increase their future readiness.


The post-COVID-19 era is significantly more challenging than most people had initially hoped. Heightened geopolitical tensions, the energy crisis, supply chain disruptions, hyperinflation and extreme weather events are just a few of the difficulties that will make the next decade a demanding one.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-sized companies, perhaps more than any other companies, are at the frontline of these turbulences. Often eclipsed by their larger counterparts or by the latest high-tech start-ups, these hidden champions are often overlooked. Despite their challenging realities, there are important opportunities and existing success stories of how smaller companies can step up to the challenges ahead.

This report sheds light on some key opportunity spaces for SMEs and mid-sized companies to pragmatically develop strategies and pathways towards increasing their future readiness.

A three-pillared approach is recommended by this report to support leadership teams and the wider ecosystem in understanding how to increase the capacity for smaller companies to thrive and positively impact the economy and environment.

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