Insight Report

UNDP Global Parliamentary Report 2022

6 Jun 2022

Public engagement in the work of parliament.


The third Global Parliamentary Report examines public engagement in the work of parliament. It recognizes that parliaments have a vital role to play in addressing the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world, by enabling people to connect with and participate in the law-making, policy formulation and oversight processes that impact their lives now and into the future.

This report takes a detailed look at why public engagement matters and how parliaments across the world are engaging with the communities they represent. It outlines trends and strategic priorities for public engagement. It also considers key focal points for ensuring better and deeper engagement into the future, in support of the fundamental principles of effective institutions and inclusive decision-making embedded within the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The information, findings and recommendations in this report set out a road map for enhanced public engagement by parliaments and parliamentarians, working collaboratively with the community to achieve participatory, inclusive and responsive parliaments.

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