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WE | Brands in Motion Making Net Zero Net Positive for Everyone

25 Apr 2022

Five actions to move from lofty climate commitments to making an equitable impact.


The global business community’s response to climate change is growing in both urgency and sophistication. Global political leaders and CEOs are fast reaching consensus about the need for swift action. But what happens when the C-suite and executive leaders leave the conferences and summits? How are these intentions and aspirations playing out on the ground? And is there appropriate action to drive impact?

To answer this, WE Communications surveyed business leaders from around the globe. Our 2022 Brands in Motion research finds that although private sector leaders increasingly see the importance of making a just transition, many are unclear about what this means for their organizations.

Moving from lofty sustainability commitments to strong and equitable impacts takes hard work and decisive action. WE Communications 2022 research reveals the five most urgent steps.

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