Insight Report

UNEP Finance Initiative The Climate Risk Tool Landscape – 2022 Supplement

18 Apr 2022

Featuring an anthology of implementation case studies from financial institutions.


Due to the rapidity of change around climate risk tools, in early 2021, UNEP FI released The Climate Risk Landscape, a report that mapped climate-related financial risk assessment methodologies. The landscape review summarized key developments across third party climate risk assessment providers since the publication of Changing Course, including new and updated scenarios, methodological tools, as well as an overview of the changing regulatory landscape and potential future developments. The report explored almost 40 providers, split between physical and transition risks. These providers completed a detailed survey to inform key conclusions about the state of third-party tools.

This current report aims to extend the work of The Climate Risk Landscape in a new way. Rather than expanding the number of providers explored (a topic for the next edition of the landscape paper), this report seeks to catalogue the actual experiences that financial users had while piloting different tools. The detailed case studies include insights into the process, challenges, outputs, and learnings related to using selected climate risk tools.

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