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KAWO The Ultimate Guide to China Social Media Marketing 2022

20 Oct 2022

Understand the ever-evolving social media landscape in China and the challenges.


To build a beloved brand is to build a trusting relationship with the customers, and the most intimate communication channel for brands to reach, engage and empathize with their target audiences is social media. Understanding the rich & diverse digital landscape in China is the key to brand success.

However, the local digital ecosystem evolves at an alarming pace, labor efficiency drops, and competition for attention rises. Now, more than ever, brands and marketers need to work smarter. To help them navigate the complexity of the social media landscape as well as the challenges that lie ahead, KAWO spent 6 months, went through 330+ sources and interviewed 18 experts to create a 112 pages guide to bring everyone who is interested in digital in China up to speed.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The big picture of China’s history, diversity and consumer archetypes;
  • China’s tech ecosystem from looking at tech rivalries;
  • Overall analytics of marketing in China;
  • A thorough breakdown of WeChat with all its features and capabilities;
  • The overview of 20+ major Chinese social media/eCommerce platforms (from popular to super niche);
  • Comments of expert contributors.

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