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News Article

BritCham Shanghai hosts a seminar to spotlight winners of the 2023 ESG China Awards

15 Dec 2023

On the afternoon of 29 November, the ESG Committee of BritCham Shanghai hosted an ESG Best Practice Sharing event, spotlighting winners of the 2023 ESG China Awards, at Beijing Dacheng Law Office (Shanghai).

The gathering commenced with a warm welcome from Stephen Baron, Head of Reputational & Sustainability Risk of HSBC and Vice Chair of BritCham Shanghai ESG Committee who extended his greetings to all the attendees.



The event witnessed representatives from winning companies in four categories share their ESG best practices. Silverstream Technologies, winner of ESG Innovation Award, showcased its Air Lubrication System, revolutionising maritime technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, marking a milestone in the quest for zero-carbon shipping. The Water Fund, winner of the Biodiversity Award, outlined innovative strategies addressing agricultural pollution in the Qiandao Lake watershed, emphasising the crucial connection between water quality improvement and biodiversity conservation. Knight Frank, winner of the Employee Engagement ESG Campaign Award, detailed its comprehensive approach, including internal ESG training, roadshows, and engaging sustainability activities, showcasing its commitment to environmental responsibility and employee well-being. Deartree Circular Furniture, winner of the Circular Economy Award, impressed with its Circular Economy Strategy, successfully recycling and repurposing low-quality office furniture, contributing significantly to carbon reduction.



The subsequent panel discussion delved into the challenges faced by these companies, the motivations behind their ESG focus, and the future of the ESG landscape locally. Companies shared hurdles encountered in implementing sustainable practices, emphasising the importance of overcoming resistance to change. Motivations ranged from a commitment to environmental stewardship, economic viability, and the need for responsible business practices. The discussion concluded with optimistic insights into the local ESG space’s future development, foreseeing increased awareness, regulatory support, and collaborative efforts to drive widespread adoption of ESG principles, ultimately shaping a more sustainable business environment in China.



At the end of the event, BritCham Shanghai officially announced the release of the ESG China Awards 2023 e-brochure, documenting the highlights and achievements of the event. If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information about the participating companies, award categories, and key insights shared during the dynamic discussions, we invite you to explore the e-brochures below:

This comprehensive resource serves as a valuable reference for those seeking deeper insights into the exemplary ESG practices showcased by the award-winning companies.

This event facilitated dynamic discussions between representatives of four standout companies and the engaged audience. Post-event networking sessions provided opportunities for participants to explore potential business cooperation, enhancing the overall impact of the event and encouraging ongoing connections and partnerships.

Among the esteemed attendees were representatives from prominent organisations such as Fanda Partners, Jaguar Land Rover, Capital Eight, Abeam Consulting, Wood plc, Octave Institute, Plant Petz LTD, Cma cgm, CCTong, The Shanghai EDITION, ISCC, McDonal’s China, and Unilever.

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