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News Article

Join the Best Emerging Talent Festival 2022!

20 Jun 2022

The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai invites you to join the inaugural Best Emerging Talent (BET) Festival on 15 September 2022.

Designed to introduce returning Chinese graduates from the UK’s best Design and Advertising degree courses to China’s top international agencies, this festival promises to celebrate the UK’s emerging creative talent and help fresh graduates to launch their creative careers in China.

The BET Festival is a ticketed event hosted online by the Creative Industries & Marketing Committee (CIM) of BritCham Shanghai. The event aims to benefit the international creative agencies seeking fresh talent, UK universities and colleges delivering top graduates, as well as the returning graduates themselves.



For Agencies: All graduates are pre-screened for the festival and will present their work via our online platform. You will have access to the student presentations a few days before the 15 September event with exclusive early access given to BritCham member agencies.

For UK Universities: Your returning Chinese graduates will have the opportunity to meet and present their work to the best selection of international agencies operating in China. Your University or College will also gain exposure to students and industry members in China.

For Graduates: Design and Advertising graduates returning to China will be connected with the best selection of agencies in China. The festival aims to boost your early career opportunities as well as share industry advice and experience from past graduates.

Be part of it!

Should you be interested in participating in the BET Festival 2022 whether you’re a returning graduate, UK University or creative industry employer, please reserve your seat for the September event by emailing to indicating your name, organisation, and contact details.

We will be reaching out to you with more details of the Best Emerging Talent Festival soon including sponsorship opportunity.

UK university partnerships

  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The University of Glasgow
  • Loughborough University London
  • The University of Southampton
  • More to come!

International creative agency partnerships:

  • JWDK
  • JKR
  • Cowan
  • Brandigo
  • Plus other International Creative organisations from our
    CIM Directory 2022.

* For further details of the CIM committee please click here.

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