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Fortnum & Mason福南梅森汇聚优质食品、精美礼品、难忘体验和卓越服务。安妮女王允许其仆人William Fortnum保留圣詹姆士宫用剩的蜡烛转售,促使他于1707年在伦敦创立Fortnum & Mason,自此一直与王室保持密切联系,多年来获得多项王室认证,其中两项更由英女王和威尔斯亲王查理斯王子颁发。

每年也有数以百万计来自世界各地的顾客亲临皮卡迪利旗舰店,享用Fortnum’s著名的下午茶,以及选购产品种类繁多的食品、礼品和香水。品牌以茶叶、苏格兰鸡蛋、手工朱古力和礼篮见称,这些特色产品均为Fortnum’s谱写了多个世纪的精彩故事,而Fortnum’s至今仍然不断推陈出新,带来新颖的体验。Fortnum’s以传奇历史和创新精神自豪,无论顾客在伦敦店、香港K11 MUSEA自营店、还是在天猫国际购物,Fortnum’s也以缔造愉悦体验为使命。

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“First founded in 1707, Fortnum & Mason is celebrating its remarkable 315th anniversary this year. Throughout its history, Fortnum & Mason has become synonymous worldwide with extraordinary food, joy-giving things, unforgettable experiences and exceptional service. I am delighted to share our exciting Tmall Global Flagship Store launched on 18th June 2022, which is opening up a new chapter for Fortnum & Mason in Mainland China.  Since we opened our physical flagship store and restaurant in Hong Kong in November 2019, we fully understand the importance of connecting with other business networks and the UK Government as we build our awareness, create more opportunities for a wider audience to explore our brand heritage and the Fortnum’s experience.  Likewise, I am very excited to be able to start establishing our valuable network in Mainland China, including BritCham Shanghai and becoming a Platinum Member. I look forward to attending the upcoming events and meeting other members in person soon.” 

— Carmen Chiu, Regional Managing Director APAC


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